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Sale And Purchase Of Ships (S&P)

Founded in 1997, CEMASTCO is a leading shipbroking company. Our highly reactive and experienced team works in the field of Sale & Purchase of all types and sizes of commercial ships, floating units and port equipment. We always support our clients at all stages of the transaction.

The benefits to our customers are clear: safe, reliable and competitive maritime solutions.

There are about 1000 vessels candidates in our database thus feel free to contact us even if you have not found a suitable candidate in the list.

Please note that we are connected to the world’s most respected S&P brokers and using our network is covering them all when you look into buying or selling tonnage. One message to us covers the market. Saving you time and efforts.

For more information & enquiries:
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Visit: http://cemastco.com

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Damen tug 3400 HP / 48 TBP / 1994 BLT for sale
Built: 1994, Damen, Netherlands Dimensions: LOA 40 m, BEAM 9.5 m, DEPTH 4.09 m, DRAFT 3 m Tonnage: GRT/NRT 488/150 Class: RINA (IACS), next renewal survey Apr 2024 Engines: 2x Caterpillar 3516 - 1700 hp. Total capacity 3400 hp. Speed 12.7 knts. Propulsion: Twin screw Bollard pull: 48 t Towing equipment: Towing hook SWL 75 t, towing winch: one single drum, towing wire: 700 m x 48 mm Deck crane: 1.5 t, free deck space: 180 sqm Fi-Fi equipment: Fire pump: 1x 600 cbm/h Accomodation: 8 cabins, 20 beds Good condition. She passed dry dock at 2020. Sellers could deliver the Vessel worldwid... read more

Length: 40m
Location: Gibraltar
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ID: 677494  (Trade)
Posted: 14 days ago

Bulk carrier ice 1A 23.650 DWT/520 TEU/2009 BLT for sale
CM0708 Bulk carrier ice 1A 23.650 DWT/520 TEU/2009 BLT for sale Built: 2009, China Dimensions: LOA 181 m; BEAM 22.9 m; DEPTH 13.5 m; DRAFT 9.9 m Tonnage: Deadweight: 23650 t, GT: 15870, NT: 7210 Class: RINA (IACS), ice class 1A, next renewal survey Jul 2026 Main engine: 1x MAN-B& W 17300 HP @ 127 RPM Generators: 3x Daihatsu 680 kW Cargo capacity: Holds volume (grain): 25300 cbm, 7Ho/7Ha, 520 TEU Just after SS/DD.... read more

Length: 181m
Location: Italy
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ID: 677493  (Trade)
Posted: 14 days ago

CM0691 Voith Schneider tug 36 TBP/3400 HP/1987 BLT for sale Built: 1987, UK Dimensions: LOA 31 m; BEAM 9.3 m; DEPTH 3.8 m; DRAFT 4.5 m Tonnage: GT: 299 Class: RINA (IACS), ice class 1D, next renewal survey Sep 2025 Main engines: 2x Ruston, total output 3400 HP Speed: Speed 13 knts, economic speed 9 knts Bollard pull: 36 t Deck Equipment: Towing hook, quick release 40 t SWL, aft towing winch, hydraulic split drum Accommodation: Air-conditioned for 8 persons Bunker capacity: Water 15 cbm, fuel oil 67 cbm Remarks: Ice class. Trading Baltic Sea where inspectable. Attractive price. ... read more

Length: 31m
Location: Estonia
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ID: 683222  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

Gearless general cargo vessel 5070 DWT/2005 BLT for sale
CM0721 Gearless general cargo vessel 5070 DWT/2005 BLT for sale Built: 2005, China Dimensions: LOA 100 m; BEAM 16 m; DEPTH 7.1 m; DRAFT 5.5 m Tonnage: Deadweight: 5070 t, GT: 3045, NT: 1950 Class: MSR (non-IACS), next renewal survey Aug 2024. BWTS due Sep 2024 Main engine: 1x Ningbo 2400 HP Speed/consumption: 9 knts, eco speed 8 knts; consumption ladan max 3.5 t IFO 120 + 0.5 t MGO. 0.5 MGO in port Cargo capacity: Grain cubic capacity: 6430 cbm, 2Ho/2Ha, max load 5.5 t/sqm, McGregor side-rolling hatch covers Remarks: In normal working condition. Inspection on Black Sea.... read more

Length: 100m
Location: Turkey
Price: $2,100,000
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ID: 682720  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

General cargo vessel 5540 DWT/200 TEU/1996 BLT Ice 1A for sale
CM0713 General cargo vessel 5540 DWT/200 TEU/1996 BLT Ice 1A for sale Built: 1996, Germany Dimensions: LOA 101 m; BEAM 16 m; DEPTH 7.4 m; DRAFT 5.5 m Tonnage: Deadweight: 5540 t, GT: 3800, NT: 2080 Class: RMRS (IACS), ice class 1A, next renewal survey Oct 2023 Main engine: 1x SKL 2200 HP Generators: 2x 200 kW, 1x 100 kW Cargo capacity: Volume (grain): 6635 cbm, 1Ho/1Ha, container capacity 200 TEU, max tanktop strength: 12 t/sqm Remarks: Now the vessel is passing the DD procedures and will be sold after DD is complete For sale general cargo vessel 5540 t deadweight on 5.5 m draft, ... read more

Length: 101m
Location: Ukraine
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ID: 682552  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

Geared ice 1A SID MPP 5200 DWT/1997 BLT for sale
CM0651 Geared SID MPP 5200 DWT/1997 BLT for sale Built: 1997, China Dimensions: LOA 101 m; BEAM 16 m; DEPTH 8 m; DRAFT 6.4 m Tonnage: Deadweight: 5200 t, GT: 4200 t, NT: 2000 Class: Lloyd's Register (IACS), ice class 100A1, next renewal survey Jun 2022 Main engine: 1x MAK 5300 HP Cranes: 2x 40 t at 20 m outreach Cargo capacity: Volume (grain/bale): 7300 cbm, 1Ho/2Ha, containers: 365 TEU, 50 ref. plugs Remarks: Strengthened for heavy cargoes, inner bottom strengthened for regular discharge by heavy grabs Geared singledecker general cargo vessel MPP for sale, 5400 t deadweight ... read more

Length: 101m
Location: Greece
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ID: 682550  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

Twin screw tug 38 TBP/2400 HP/1992 BLT for sale
CM0496 Twin screw tug 38 TBP/2400 HP/1992 BLT for sale Built: 1992, Singapore Dimensions: LOA 29 m; BEAM 8.7 m; DEPTH 4.1 m; DRAFT 3.7 m Tonnage: GT: 220, NT: 67 Class: Lloyd's Register (IACS), next renewal survey Aug 2022 Main engine: 2x Yanmar, total 2400 hp. Speed 11 knts. Generators: 2x Cummins 60 kW each Bollard pull: 38 t Towing equipment: 1x Plimsoll towing winch, wire 250 m; towing hook Mampey 50 t (quick release); 1x anchor winch with 2x anchor chains; 2x warping heads Cargo capacity: Deck cargo 300 t, deck area 80 sqm, deck strength 4.5 t/sqm Remarks: Inspection on B... read more

Length: 29m
Location: Bulgaria
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ID: 682549  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

Volzhskiy type sea-river shallow drafted dry cargo vessel for s
CM0628 Volzhskiy type sea-river shallow drafted dry cargo vessel for sale 3888 DWT/198x BLT Built: 198x, USSR Dimensions: LOA 107.4 m, BEAM 16.7 m, DEPTH 5.5 m, DRAFT 3.8 m Tonnage: Deadweight: 3888 t, GT: 3070, NT: 1125 Class: RMRS (IACS), next renewal survey May 2022 Main engines: 2x 1185 hp. Total output: 2370 hp. Speed 10.8 knts. Generators: 2x 100 kW, 1x 50 kW Cargo capacity: Volume (grain): 4400 cbm, 2Ho/2Ha Remarks: Trading Mediterranean/Black Sea.... read more

Length: 107.4m
Location: Italy
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ID: 682547  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

Damen Stan Tug AHTS 4000 HP/58 TBP/2003 BLT for sale
CM0711 Damen Stan Tug AHTS 4000 HP/58 TBP/2003 BLT for sale Type of vessel: Anchor Handling, fire fighting, towing, diving support, pollution control and stand-by safety rescue operations Built: 2003, Damen Dimensions: LOA 40.8 m; BEAM 11.2 m; DEPTH 4.90 m; DRAFT 4.75 m Tonnage: GT: 630, NT: 190 Class: Lloyd's Register (IACS), next renewal survey Mar 2023 Main engines: 2x Caterpillar, total power 4000 HP Bow thruster: 540 HP Generators: 2x Caterpillar 125 kW each Bollard pull: 58.5 t Fi-Fi: Fi-Fi set Caterpillar 430 cbm/h Deck lay-out: Anch/towing winch: doube drum waterfall ... read more

Length: 40.8m
Location: UAE
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ID: 680435  (Trade)
Posted: 2 months ago

Geared MPP container carrier 1875 TEU/35000 DWT/2002 BLT for sale
Built: 2002, PRC Dimensions: LOA 190 m; BEAM 28 m; DEPTH 15.5 m; DRAFT 11.3 m Tonnage: Deadweight: 35000 t, GT: 25000, NT: 12600 Class: NKK (IACS), next renewal survey Dec 2022 Main engine: 1x Sulzer 11900 HP @ 127 RPM Generators: 3x 500 kW Cranes: 4x 40 t Container capacity: Container capacity: 1875 TEU, homo intake bss 14 ts 1425 TEU Grain capacity: Cubic capacity: 45100 cbm, 9Ho/9Ha, grain fitted, CO2 fitted Remarks: Trading worldwide, very attractive price.... read more

Length: 190m
Location: Spain
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ID: 687329  (Trade)
Posted: 2 months ago

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